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Online sale of cheap good quality youth NHL jerseys, team uniforms customization support. Help promote this video,discount hockey jersey! “I CHALLENGE CHRIS SMOOVE,replica nhl jerseys! – NBA 2K11 – 7 Game Series- Xbox Live” yo wats ur online name..i wanna ball in my nba 2k11 my player mode im on the celtics and ray allen cant make a 3 to save his life. hes shooting like 10% from 3 lol @GangstaSupamann omg ure so imitimidating… ur a joke EA sports is coming back with their Baseball games next year,youth football jerseys, who thinks they will give The Show a run for its money? Whats ur favorite basketball team smoove? I got the hang of hitting in this game finally,youth baseball jerseys! Oh shit,authentic nba jersey,is just Rangers and Giants,nfl giants jersey,the last WS final yo wats ur online name..i wanna ball 4 innings actually what is your online name Hey smoove I got a question how come your nice at 3 pointers but your play style is athletic please let me know I couldn’t get the game to load SPLASHH…HA HAaaaa!! I love this guy,cheap nfl jerseys! @mlbstar17 Hold L1 when you make the throw Man when I get this tomorrow, I will be playing exhibition game after exhibition game before I start my season, so I can try to get used to the analog controls. If not, I’m going back to the button scheme. @DIGIMONJK he once had a f in a 2k10 video 132 points in a game @IMDABESTOFBO cheap nfl jerseys THWORLDS Fuck off fag I was just trolling to throw to cutoff is it still L1?? The analog pitching was actually pretty awesome. But I couldn’t hit to save my life. @Coolnerd187 between 80-85 great double-double (y) This was reuploaded because the 1st video was laggy. It wasn’t my video that was laggy it was a YouTube processing fail,mlb baseball jerseys wholesale! Hopefully this one is better. Ray Allen is injured that’s why he’s not playing,custom basketball jersey builder! Rondo bounced back this game. He was aggressive driving to the rim when I gave him openings with no hesitation. NBA Jerry did the half time report,byu basketball jersey! His channel link is below 0:42 Skip the intro 1:15 3rd str8 block in a row 1:34 Rondo dunks in the half court set 2:20 LeBron can’t score with Nate on him,2012 nike nfl! 3:30 Rondo draws 3 defenders 3:50 I’m wide open,reebok hockey jerseys! 4:15 Rondo is slashing,nhl all star jersey! 4:40 Block then dunk 5:27 Pierce didn’t know what hit him 6:00 Chris Smoove crossover 7:14 FTs 8:00 Dallas Mavericks full court defense 8:45 Splash incoming,reversible hockey jersey! 9:43 Rondo forced to take a half court 3,duke basketball jersey! 10:13 Halftime report by NBA Jerry,design your own football jersey! Link is up top in description,nike nfl contract! 11:35 Shaq is slower than Big Z 11:50 Shaq should not be dribbling,cool nfl jerseys! 12:15 Shaq injures Big Z 12:45 Bad pass by Rondo 12:58 Everyones going crazy 14:30 Nobody rotates 14:45 Lucky shot 15:07 Wade’s cheesy pass 15:20 Bosh tip dunk what is ur steal attribute at @madden11beastly SAME HERE,baseball jerseys!!! if u look closely u will notice that he’s playin nba 2k10 at the start Chris,customized nhl jerseys, Do the announcers still say that defensive’s dont have to stay up all night to game plan for you,nba jersey numbers, Does the game realize that you are the best player in the league with a 97 overall or do they act like you are a rookie still? and Is this your first year in the league ? watch this /watch?v=fNnFoQkwBGs i was playing on the mj creating a legend on the heat in the first quarter the boston celtics did horrible and i broke a team record+nba record and facing the 76ers on a fastbrake i did a unexpected 360 between to legs dunk the graphics look great,Buy Jerseys,nfl nike jerseys 2012,and the batting stances are improved from last not a fan of the analog fielding or hitting but the pitching is actually fun. you should make a mr splash man song with the beat in the beginning YOU ASK WERE SPLASH MAN IS HES RIGHT THERE YOUR SPLASH M AN,nfl jersey numbers! @nicgutz4ever that and the throwing,make your own mlb jersey, i hate analog throwing i always throw it to the wrong base,nba jersey, so i just change settings to regular throwing CHRIS SMOOVE MIGHT BE BETTER THAN MJ23,sleeveless baseball jersey!! Sorry for the 30fps video, the game does NOT play choppy. I run a live commentary of my initial impressions on the MLB 11 The Show Demo on PS3. fancy huh? haha ur a beast cheap nfl jerseys No trackbacks yet. Nice video ,harvard basketball jersey,im doing a commentary on the show as well,ireland football jersey, also talking about the upcoming season and fantasy baseball,mlb custom jerseys,check it out nadasfan,jersey baseball, i also subscribed,personalized basketball jerseys,Peace,blank basketball jersey! I wish i had a chris smoove action figure with the voice ” chris smoove for the win why not let it FLY…. SPLAASH… HA HA,nike nfl football uniforms!” joey votto should be on the cover @videofreak13100 he’s black, answer that question yourself How do you throw to the cutoff man with the analog controls? @GrandHustle97 cuz he put skill point into 3 pts? @Therabitninja grats fancy huh? This game comes out on my birthday March 8th im not a fan of the demo i like the games but i wish i had mlb11 the show No trackbacks yet. MLB 11 the show or MLB 2K11?? lol and i thought i was the only one who calls Ray “jesus shuttleworth” @swedishfish110193 mines the opposite from yours. also i couldnt ever get the right base when fielding Dude why u playing with the heat? Be a man and play with a normal team,nba jerseys wholesale! I got drafted to them but asked for a trade asap,cornell hockey jersey! @KingFC163 Ah Tell your mom 2 speak english you bumb & i am Yuh Just Dont Noe How t2 Read Like Dis i wish i had a ps3

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